Red White Blue of Love

The other night I pulled out my guitar and sat in the backyard as the sun was setting. I tapped the voice memo app on on my iphone and started to record.

Here is what transpired in that wistful hopeful evening as my improvised music poured forth, the beginning of this exploratory journey:

Reflections on This Work

I wanted to write a “happy tune” to lift my own spirits.  It’s been a somber and troubling time.  How can I lighten my own heart?

Then as I was playing I really enjoyed when the phrase the red white blue of love came out. It feels hard in these time to say I am proud of my country. What is happening and who we are as a whole does not inspire pride. But the phrase gets at something I want to say – that real love of country is valuing each other, standing for each other, looking within our own selves to see how what we each do affects each other. The patriotism of standing up for what is right, for each other, for peace, justice and freedom. Those are ideals worth fighting for. It is what my father expressed when he wore the pink hat and stood for women’s rights. 

A few days later, my heart was full.  My hackles were raised by what was going on in Portland. Our own government agents wearing soldiers uniforms and throwing people in unmarked vans? Detaining protesters without due cause? Beating the hands of a man who confronted merely through conversation? This is not the country I stand for.  Who took my country away?

This next entry of the song took on a different flavor….

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