Experience Circles

An interactive experience.

Circle – in the circling, not just the shape.

What is it to circle, to gather together hand to hand to hand?

In a circle there is circling – the act of energy traversing between my hand and yours

the experience of energy whipping around the circle and each heart is opened

and each eye is lit as we gaze at each other

with open togetherness expressed eye to eye and heart to heart.

A circle is for sharing – for connecting — for interacting on

the deepest of levels.

A circle – drum circle – circle of being

  • circle of life
  • circle of growth and decay
  • circle of voices harmonizing
  • circle – the ring that holds us together in matrimony
  • circle of breathing out and breathing in
  • circle of life and death
  • circle of child and parent
  • circles that create
  • circles that create new circles
  • circles are spaces of interaction
  • and integration
  • of creativity
  • and compassion

I lead circles

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