I Celebrate You!

Thank you dad, for everything you created in my life, and in all of life.  I love you!   Don Ulrich January 3, 1935 – May 8, 2020

Wild Magic Improvisation

Judith Lerner – Handpan Patricia Hatfield- Tabla, Guitar Cheryl Bell – Handpan Videography by Kathleen Quinn


There you go again life, Shattering me into a million pieces of broken. Scrambling my taken for granted tenacity to rise above. I try writing and my words fall like thuds, Lumbering banalities of cliché… Read More »Shattered

On Being

When we make being a thing, it is no longer being. A concept is a thing Life is short So Just BE Because when we make being a thing it is no longer being Thank… Read More »On Being

Hold On To Love

I created this song in April 2020, while assisting my father as he faced the invasion of cancer into his spine.  I invite you to listen as you read my words and witness the love… Read More »Hold On To Love

Smiling for No Reason

Just because I say so, I pull up the corners of my mouth surreptitiously sending endorphins through my body in a deliberate act of creation. Smiling alone, just the physical maneuver of facial musculature whether… Read More »Smiling for No Reason

Naming My Clown

Please help me name my new clown self. She’s an alter ego harkening back to Me Of Old She who’s breath blew the winds a kiss like softness dreaming across the shifts of time and… Read More »Naming My Clown