There you go again life,

Shattering me into a million pieces of broken.

Scrambling my taken for granted tenacity to rise above.


I try writing and my words fall like thuds,

Lumbering banalities of cliché terms of love.

“Be kind to yourself” I say, “pull yourself together”

And some days I do,

Till a new slap of life’s brutality

Shatters me anew.


I am broken to pieces

At a daughter’s story of isolating with disease

Till one nurtured moment in the arms of her mother

Causes the moment she now grieves.


Sheltering in place didn’t happen for me.

Navigating those first fearful days of lockdown

Wheeling dad through the storm of uncertainty and pain

His, mine, my family’s, the world’s –

Interactions with caregivers masking their dread

Nights not sleeping, hoping I was not bringing covid home

Not knowing what news each morning would hold.


And can my shattered heart ever let go of hate

For the willful stupidity and blatant rape

Of the Constitution and promise of freedom

That my father stood proudly for day after day

His life’s commitment to peace, equality and love

Expressed through his wounded eyes

Pierces my soul through my sobbing goodbyes.

He questioned whether he could hold on long enough to cast his vote.

But he was needed more, I guess, on the other side.


At least my music soothed me, till I listened with a critical ear

Hating my lack of rhythm,

And angry that I couldn’t cut myself some slack.

Hold on, I sang, hold on, hold on to love.


So go ahead and shatter me life – bring it on!

Force me to see what I could not see before.

That we are all broken – No matter how we spoke

That we all can be woken – No matter what we broke.


We may bask in privilege and wallow in despair

But here we are – accountable to our being.

And here we are – all choked in our breathing.


It simply isn’t this or that, good or bad, left or right.

It isn’t just you or me, us or them, or even run or fight.

There are places between, that if we co-mingle

We could contract a deliberate dis-ease

And hear deeper into what’s unknown

Allowing the questions to grow.


Life happens, though it’s not what we thought.

Life shatters, whether we like it or not.

Life changes in the blink of an eye,

And ends in the breath of a sigh.

One thing that life’s shattering reveals

Is that it’s a you AND me world


Whatever else could it possibly be?

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